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About Us

We opened back in 1999 with thoughts of doing auto finance and small personal loans in our community. We are the superior alternative to your typical Pay Day Loan, Check Cashing, or Cash Advance institution. Our goal was to offer an easy way to get a loan without get ripped off or taken advantage of. Whether it is to purchase an automobile from a local car dealer, a jet ski, an ATV or just some quick cash to get through a financial pinch, we can help. We wanted to be the local go-to guys for our community’s financing needs. 

We implement what we call our “common sense basics.” The first is treating people like people - not like numbers. At Consumer Financial  you talk with and deal with real live people just like yourself. We don’t have an automated telephone system; when you call you talk to a real live person from the same town and community as you. It is different when you deal with your neighbors; it’s better. We have a genuine concern for your well-being and that benefits us both.

Another “common sense basic” is to keep the process quick and easy. You can call us or visit one of the many automobile dealers we do business with and fill out an application. You get an answer fast, usually within 20 minutes. We don’t keep you waiting around wondering whether or not you’re approved. We understand that you have a busy schedule and we won’t let the loan process waste your time.

Our third “common sense basic” is to treat all customers with dignity and respect in all situations, including when dealing with touchy past due payments. At Consumer Financial  we know that sometimes things happen in life and making payments can be difficult and stressful. This is exactly why we have the most experienced, professional and caring customer representatives in the industry. Whether it’s just processing your payment, answering a question or helping a customer through a difficult delinquency situation, Consumer Financial representatives treat customers like they would expect to be treated - with dignity and respect. We let it be known clearly that we are here to help, not hurt you. It’s a much nicer and better way of doing business.

Our final “common sense basic” is to recognize the customer as the most important, critical aspect of our everyday business, everyday without fail. Customer retention has always been at the top of our priority list and we know that people do business with people they like. We at Consumer Financial  want our customers to like dealing with us and we want them to know that we look out for them. Our aim is to keep the process easy, fair and transparent all the way through. This will make our customers more comfortable with us and allow them a better understanding of the entire loan process. All this combined has helped Consumer Financial  maintain exceptionally high repeat customer business, and that is a sure fire sign that Consumer Financial  is doing things the right way.

When you add it all up: our products, professionalism, service and overall value - we are by far the best at what we do in the auto/personal loan industry. Come and experience the difference next time you need a loan….

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