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Auto Loans

Want to buy a new car? We offer easy auto loans, even with people with bad credit!

Our auto loans allow our customers to purchase new and used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs from our local car dealers.

We understand that circumstances occur with peoples’ credit and finances that can sometimes put them in a situation where they have difficult time borrowing money to buy the specific vehicle they want.

Here at CFS we treat everybody with respect and genuine concern. We make the lending process transparent, easy to understand and quick.

Our process is simple. Complete the application and we will handle the rest. We will verify your information and aid you in getting the financing you need.

Need cash fast? We offer easy personal loans, even with people with bad credit!

Personal Loans

Unexpected expenses, emergencies or even just normal life events can sometimes present financial challenges that can be fixed with a small person loan.

Whether it is back to school, a family vacation, vehicle expenses, buying a new computer or any number of other circumstances, a personal loan can offer you immediate funding to help you navigate and get through your financial situation until things balance back out again.

Your friends with money at CFS can aid you in solving these types of financial aggravations.


The process will be easy to start, follow and complete. Most clients will get the funds they need that very same day – It’s that easy!

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